adwords headline missing

I noticed my Google Adwords ad I have running showed a low CTR yesterday and today. Wondering why, I searched for 'blog hosting' to see it show up. It showed up, however, the headline of the ad is missing–just a blank line where it should be.
I noticed other ads with these and different keywords have the same problem. I tried editing my ad to see if it would appear, but no luck. I emailed Google to see what is going on.
UPDATE (10/13/03 10:AM ET): No word from Google yet but this morning my ad along with the others that had the same issue are now showing up correctly.
UPDATE (10/13/03 7:00 PM ET): Well, checking again I see the same problem is back 😦
UPDATE (10/14/03 7:40 PM ET): OK, it isn't Google. It's me. More specifically, it is my laptop and likely Norton Internet Security–even though I see the same thing w/it disabled. Even running Linux in a VMWare virtual machine I get the same results. I popped over to my iMac and everything is cool. Got a remote console to a W2K machine at work and all is good. Yet another reason I don't like Norton Internet Security.
FINAL UPDATE (10/27/03 9:15 PM ET): Long after I forgot about this, Google finally responded to me:

Thank you for your email. I apologize for the delayed response. Our
technical specialists have found your problem to be a localized one. They
have found that it may be your anti virus software that is causing the
problem with seeing the title in  your ad. The anti virus software will
remove any link that it detects to be potentially insecure or dangerous to
the user. 

Delayed response? More like: “oh shit, this ticket was been sitting here for almost two weeks, better do something”. At least the diagnosis was correct. Now, to find out why Norton Internet Security thinks some headlines are “dangerous” and some aren't.

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