network delusions

In an interview with Verisign's CEO we can see that they are clearly delusional and don't care about the public good, only their bottom line. A few comments:
Are you looking to monetize DNS lookups?
No. That base level of DNS (domain name system) response is an obligation we took on when we inherited that contract. But it would be commercially unreasonable for anyone to suggest that we shouldn't be allowed to build incremental services on top of that if they deliver value. ”
Bzzt. They were contracted to provide a specific, stable service, not to build incremental (read profitable only to Verisign) services.
You temporarily suspended Site Finder in reaction to widespread criticism. What's the next step?
The reason Site Finder became such a lightening rod is that it goes to the question: Are we going to be in a position to do innovation on this infrastructure, or are we going to be locked into obsolete thinking that the DNS was never intended to do anything other than what it was originally supposed to do? ”
What you're doing isn't innovation, it profiteering. The whole idea of technical standards is that they don't change unless there is widespread agreement among the involved parties that they should change and then, what that change should be. This isn't about innovation. This is a money grab, pure and simple.
Why, then, do you think there was such a strong reaction?
The noise you're hearing publicly does not match the real impact of the system. It's standards-compliant. We have asked for the data five times from anyone who has it–ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the IAB–and no one can produce data. All they can produce is these fringe stories. ”
Yes, when something that has been well-defined for years begins to act unexpectedly due to a greedy company, my first plan of action is to collect data. If the phone company started answering all your misdialed calls with a marketing pitch instead of telling you the number doesn't exist, would you begin collecting data so you could present it to the phone company to tell them what the impact is? Give me a break.

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