a patent on spamming?

Interesting patent regarding bulk email distribution:
A method for managing bulk e-mail distribution can include the steps of matching a target recipient profile with a group of target recipients; transmitting a set of bulk e-mails to the target recipients in the matched group; and, calculating a quantity of e-mails in the set of bulk e-mails which have been successfully received by the target recipients. If the calculated quantity does not exceed a prescribed minimum quantity of successfully received e-mails, the matching, transmitting and calculating steps can be repeated until the calculated quantity exceeds the prescribed minimum quantity. Notably, in the preferred embodiment, the group of target recipients is an opt-in list.
I guess the only good thing is that it doesn't resend to the same group of recipients when it's target rate isn't met. The bad news is that the filer is from Boca Raton, the spam capital of the US (at least).

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