verisign to sell network solutions and revive site finder

Something fishy about this and also announcing they'll revive Site Finder.
Thoughts on why:

  • There's more $$$ to be made off Site Finder by making a couple five minutes changes to the .com and .net zones than there is in being a registrar. At an estimated $100 million/year off Site Finder revenue, that's a pretty good ROI. Also, since they will still be the .com/.net registry they will get $5/domain registered without all that registrar overhead.
  • Some of the larger registrars want to buy the registry business from Network Solutions but don't want the bad publicity of the Verisign/Network Solutions name. Knowing this, Verisign will sell it to a company which, according to an article in The Business Journal of Phoenix, “specialize[s] in middle-market purchases, recapitalizations of turnaround and under-performing companies, and growth capital financings”. Pivitol will hack it up, make it look good on paper and then sell it.
  • Verisign felt ICANN was going to give them the virtual bitchslap and take away the registry business for contract violations.

Anyone else have any to add?

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