two can vu

I was reading Joey's blog when I came across a funny article where he refers to Tom Vu of 80's infomercial fame. I started laughing out loud. Not at the memory of those stupid infomercials but because my friend Jay and I used to clean the pool at the Vu family's house.
The Vu family–which must've had about 50 members–has (had) a house in Longwood's Sweetwater gated community where we got the job cleaning the pool. This place may have been the backdrop of the infomercials but I can't be sure. This was about 8-9 years ago and by that time rumor was that Tom was suffering from debilitating syphillis but I never saw him.
The pool was aging and surrounded by trees to it was a pain in the ass to keep clean. They also had an indoor spa which we were always repairing. There was also a terminally dirty outdoor fountain and two very annoying and unfriendly chows (or maybe AIBOS) that didn't like pool guys.
I'm sure Tom learned his skills from his father–who we only knew as Mr. Vu. After meeting w/Mr. Vu in a strip mall office that looked like it was designed to make closing up in the middle of the night easy, we were agreeing to cleaning all the crap there for what we normally charged for a single pool. I'm sure some of it had something to do with the other family houses he also wanted us to clean, but most was likely due to his negotiating skills. Maybe it was mind control.
Weird links which I waded through 20 pages of Google results to bring to you:
The Tom Vu song lyrics (takeoff on Whip It!)
Beastie Boys Professor Booty mentions Tom

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