shift: duh (or: why MediaMax CD3 sucks)

A detailed analysis of the MediaMax CD3 copy protection scheme shows several flaws with this technology, the least of which is that for many computer users, holding down the shift key when inserting the CD will allow them to bypass the protection. This scheme has a few major problems: it installs a device driver on your computer; it only works with Windows and Mac OS X; it can easily be circumvented.
Enough rambling, read the full report above for the details and a good laugh.
UPDATE: Since posting this, SunnComm announed their intent to sue Halderman and subsequently backed down. Not a good laugh. Jacobs of SunnComm must be, or have, the best salesperson in the world to be able to sell something like this to BMG. Which reminds me: there's one more vendor I won't use.

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