holy crap, ICANN shows some spine

Finally, ICANN shows it does have a spine by demanding Verisign remove the wildcard from the .com and .net zones.
I've held of on writing about this change to .com/.net forced on the Internet by Verisign on 9/15/2003 since I wanted the emotions to die down and the facts to come in. I still think it is a bad idea for various reasons–some technical and some emotional. Good to see ICANN finally doing something.

One thought on “holy crap, ICANN shows some spine

  1. In reponse to ICAAN, they are now saying:
    “Without so much as a hearing, ICANN today formally asked us to shut down the Site Finder service,” said VeriSign spokesman Tom Galvin. “We will accede to their request while we explore all of our options.”
    What! You've got to be f'ing joking. A hearing? Where was the public RFC from them prior to rolling out the “service”.

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